On being ridiculous.

Hey, blogging world. Miss me?

This blog got its name because when I was thinking of how much I needed to get back into blogging (after a stint at We Love DC and then a stab at an environmentally-themed blog of my own that bombed in the most earth-friendly way possible). It’s beyond time for me to write again–my own words, in my own way. Honestly? It was getting ridiculous.

It’s a new year, which seems like as good a time as any for a fresh start. Time to practice what I preach and do what makes me happy. But sitting around complaining (as entertaining as it may be) is not the only ridiculous thing in my life. And by “my life,” I mean “the world.” Other ridiculous things include: Facebook, The Wedding Industrial Complex, the band LMFAO, and TSA.

But I want to clarify: ridiculous is not always bad. Many ridiculous things are actually ridiculously awesome (like Pinterest, for example) and while I can’t go that far for a group like TSA (simultaneous shift changes? Really??), that doesn’t mean they don’t make valuable contributions to society. I actually strive to include a certain amount of ridiculousness in my life, because it makes things more fun and reminds me to have a healthy sense of humor.

I look forward to sharing many more ridiculous things with you in 2012. Happy new year, everyone.


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