The Very Public Nature of the Digital World

After a little break from blogging and tweeting, it’s surprising how much I’ve been feeling like my life is on display now. I feel kind of…naked.

I recently switched to Facebook Timeline, which put my whole life (since 2003, anyway) in convenient scrollable form. It wasn’t like there was anything new on there, but it was a nice reminder that not only have I voluntarily put all these photos and details on the internet, they don’t go away.

I’ve always been open to digital and social media trends–why not, right? And it’s pretty fun to see what your friends and frenemies are up to. However, I’m marrying a guy who is much less comfortable with putting himself and details of what he’s doing out on the internet. Kinda sucks for him though, because he’s such a big part of my life, he’s bound to be in pictures, tagged in posts, and mentioned on my blog.

The flip side of this is while it can seem like everyone’s looking at your personal stuff, when you’re doing social media for an organization, the goal is to get more people looking at you.  However, it often stops there. Yeah, your company has Twitter and Facebook accounts, but is your audience there? Who are you trying to reach, and what are your goals? How can you tell when you’ve reached your goals? Quantifying the impact of social media has always been tricky, but it helps to know from the outset what you’re trying to accomplish.

I actually prefer doing social media professionally, because there’s usually a steady stream of content that’s more concrete (and hopefully, interesting!). I also like that I can be a little more casual and funny than most other writing for work. But let’s be real, no organization is really ever going to make a real impact until they embrace catvertising.


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