A Demand for Web Content…Without Paying for It

I’m visiting my friend Kristin in Miami this week, and last night we were at the Recycle IT happy hour chatting about social media and the copywriting services The Found Gen offers. Kristin and I found ourselves talking to people who realized they had a need for better websites/web copy/social media presence, but they cringed at the idea of paying for those services.

There is a certain democracy to the internet that is both a good thing and a bad thing. Anyone can sign up for their very own blog/Twitter/Facebook account, but then they have a problem: what do I say? Does anyone care about what I had for dinner? How do I find time to populate all these content streams?

If you’re running a business (or running for office), there’s much more pressure to have a successful online presence. If you’re not a naturally talented writer or quick to pick up new technology, or if you’re just short on time, that’s when you need to hire someone who has those skills you lack. It’s no different from any other skill, besides that it’s relatively new. It’s tempting to think your IT guy can write successful copy, because why not? But at a certain point, you need to look at what’s working and what’s not and make some tough decisions to succeed in the digital world.


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