Breaking News: Everyone Hates Facebook Timeline

Well, this doesn’t surprise me at all: everyone else is just as annoyed by Facebook’s new profile format as I am. I was an early adopter, mostly because I thought the big new banner was kind of cool, but once I started looking through the rest of it, I immediately regretted switching.

I knew that large parts of my life were documented on Facebook, but now I can pick a date (say, December 2007) and immediately see all the pictures I posted and things people wrote on my wall. I didn’t know wall posts from exes were considered “highlights.” Not only does it strike me as more invasive than ever, it feels like I have less control over the amount of information I reveal.

A SodaHead poll (via Mashable) finds that 70% of survey respondents would get rid of Timeline if they could, and it annoys both men and women equally. U.S. users hate it more than the rest of the world does, but that could be because we’ve had it the longest and gotten used to the old way. I’m sure that discomfort with change is a large part of it, but I think it goes deeper than just a cosmetic change. Timeline reminds us that everything we do online is public and permanent, and we’re uncomfortable with the loss of privacy. That may take some time to get used to.


One thought on “Breaking News: Everyone Hates Facebook Timeline

  1. I JUST got it imposed upon me, just this evening and I LOATHE IT. I’ve been able to stay with the old format all this time. Suddenly, it’s forced on me like rape. I am offended by it and very angry. Why can’t they just make it where we can change backgrounds, etc. like on myspace?! You know, decorate the page…not change it to a two column system. That’s so ugly and cluttered. Remove all those dumb ads, too…talking about clutter…grr….so pissed.

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