Big Things Are Happening

We made the official announcement this week…I’m pregnant! I still feel like it gets more real a little bit at a time, starting with the pregnancy test(s) and then amplifying at that first doctor’s appointment where we heard the heartbeat and saw the baby move. That was intense.


We told our parents by sending them a copy of the ultrasound in this frame I found on Etsy. Our parents all live out of state, so this was a great way to make the announcement a little more special than a phone call (which of course came after they got it). It’s everyone’s first grandchild, so they’re all pretty excited.

Sammy dog was great at helping us announce the pregnancy on Facebook this week! I still think he’s a little confused, but will do great once the time comes.

Allan and I are still slowly wrapping our heads around this massive life change. We’re excited, and scared, and researching like crazy to try to understand everything that comes next. If Pinterest is your thing, feel free to check out my baby board (info, interesting blog posts, workouts, maternity clothes, etc–this may be broken out later) and nursery ideas

And now let’s have some fun with a weekly update:

14 weeks pregnant
14 weeks pregnant

How far along: 14 weeks

Baby’s size: About the size of a delicious cupcake.

Weight gain: After losing about 5lbs thanks to being super sick for about 6 weeks, now I’m up 2.

Sleep: I can’t really function after 9pm, and I’m passed out by 10. I mostly sleep like a rock except for bathroom breaks.

Clothes: I got in a fight with my work pants this week. Way too uncomfortable. The lower rise of jeans is working ok (sorry, work dress code!) but skirts and dresses are better.

Cravings: I finally got my long-craved donut this week!! It was awesome. Other than that, it’s just been sweets in general. Mmmm…cake…

Food aversions: Salad, still. Sigh. I just can’t seem to put those leaves in my mouth. Yuck.

Symptoms: Besides having a super early bedtime and getting pretty cranky at Allan (sorry boo), I feel great. Probably just in comparison to feeling near death just a couple of weeks ago. Gives you a whole new lease on life.

Movement: None yet!

Baby’s sex: We’re not finding out until the baby’s born. Place your bets now!

Highlight of the week: Telling everyone at work and making the Facebook announcement! Huge relief not to have to keep it a secret anymore.

What I miss: Not a thing! Life is pretty much chugging along like it always has.


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