Nineteen Weeks

Nineteen Weeks Pregnant
Nineteen Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 19 weeks!

Baby’s size: The size of a mango–6 inches long and 8.5 oz. A couple of co-workers told me I looked pregnant “all of the sudden,” so I guess I’m really starting to show!

Weight gain: +2 this week, for a total of +5? The bathroom scale needle is going up, but who knows how that translates to the doctor’s office scale.

Sleep: Doing slightly better this week with getting comfortable. Thank you, Snoogle!

Clothes: Now that it’s colder, I’m running into some trouble with my sweaters and other long-sleeved tops. The two open-front cardigans I got are good, but not super warm.

Cravings: Still can’t get enough sweet stuff! I’ve been trying to do a good job of eating veggies and fruits when I’m hungry, but I have definitely still been managing to get in a cookie or two.

Food aversions: None

Symptoms: My back has started hurting later in the day, probably from slumping at a desk.

Movement: I FINALLY FELT IT THIS WEEK! I was lying in bed and felt a distinct thump, like being flicked from the inside.

Baby’s sex: I’m starting to feel more like it’s a girl, but it’s still 50/50.

Highlight of the week: Going to a consignment sale with Allan and getting an awesome travel system (stroller + carrier with car seat base), a Boppy pillow, and a dress that I think is going to work really well for Jess’ wedding, all super cheap! It definitely feels more real with some baby stuff in the house.


Eighteen Weeks

Eighteen Weeks
Eighteen Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 18 weeks, or four and a half months.

Baby’s size: The size of a sweet potato, but if you’ve actually seen sweet potatoes, you know how much that varies–in this case, we’re talking 5.5 inches long and 6.7 oz.

Weight gain: No clue. +2? We’ll find out for sure at my next appointment in two weeks.

Sleep: Here’s a new thing: once a night, I’ll get up and have a really tough time getting back to sleep. I just can’t seem to find a comfortable position, which isn’t usually a problem when I first fall asleep. Not sure what that’s all about.

Clothes: If I had known maternity clothes were so comfortable and the tops are actually long enough, I would have started wearing this stuff way earlier!

Cravings: I’ve been allowing myself to eat some junkier food since my low weight gain at my last appointment, so that’s been fun. And delicious. This isn’t really a craving, but I need so much more protein these days that I haven’t really been sticking to my vegetarian diet. I would still say that I eat meat rarely, but I’m not beating myself up over eating a burger or chicken every once in a while. And definitely not feeling bad about eating fish, since it’s so good for the baby.

Food aversions: None

Symptoms: Let’s talk about the good things about being pregnant: my skin is great and my hair doesn’t get greasy in between shampooing. Perks!

Movement: Still haven’t felt anything.

Baby’s sex: The suspense grows!

Highlight of the week: This was a little bit of a rough week, but last weekend I got to hang out with Allan’s cousin Emily and pepper her with some of my baby questions. It was really fun and I feel a lot more confident that Allan and I can handle this and be great parents.

What I’m reading: Well, now that I finished Helter Skelter, I picked up some parenting-type books from the library. I got From Here to Maternity, which is terrible. The author is intolerably vapid and not funny.

Seventeen Weeks

Seventeen Weeks Pregnant!
Seventeen Weeks Pregnant!

How far along: 17 weeks. The belly feels like it really popped out this week!

Baby’s size: About 5 inches (crown to rump, which is how they measure the Baby Bear) and weighs about 5oz. That’s approximately the size and weight of an iPhone 4S. Weird.

Weight gain: Uh… +1? I think we’ve pretty much decided our bathroom scale sucks.

Sleep: Yes please. I’ve been pretty sleepy this week, but for some reason I haven’t been feeling that sudden crash at 9pm like I used to.

Clothes: Things are definitely feeling tighter these days. My belly is still pretty small for maternity clothes, but man are they comfortable.

Cravings: FEED ME. I am just hungry all the time!

Food aversions: None? I haven’t really tried to make myself a salad, but I don’t feel as grossed out by the thought of it anymore.

Symptoms: I feel pretty good! I have some random heartburn every once in a while and I am a bit congested, but other than that I’m just rockin’ and rollin’.

Movement: Still can’t feel any movement, but hopefully soon!

Baby’s sex: Sometimes I feel like it’s going to be a boy, and other times I’m thinking it’s a girl. We shall see!

Highlight of the week: I had a lot of fun working on a baby registry this week. I know it’s still early, but I definitely started getting excited about all the cute stuff!

16 Weeks, or Four Months Pregnant!

16 Weeks Pregnant
16 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 16 weeks. Can’t believe Baby Bear has been cooking for four months! I haven’t seen much change in the bump over the past week, though.

Baby’s size: Everyone says the size of an avocado. I tried to look for other things that were that size because I don’t like avocados, with no luck. Anyone know of anything?

Weight gain: According to the doctor’s office, I have only gained 1 lb since I was there a month ago. Not sure how that’s possible, and my scale at home says otherwise, but let’s go with it. Bring on the donuts! (Just in case you were wondering, my midwife is unconcerned about the low number on the scale)

Sleep: Sleep has still been good besides having to get up to pee throughout the night. I got a Snoogle pregnancy pillow, which so far is pretty snuggly and delightful. Allan calls it a “tentacle monster” but he already called dibs on it once I’m not pregnant.

Clothes: Ordered my first maternity top this week, plus a couple of open-front cardigans.

Cravings: Still mostly sweet stuff, but let’s be real–I’m always craving sweet stuff, pregnant or not.

Food aversions: Still haven’t really gotten back into the salad thing.

Symptoms: My dreams have been super weird and vivid! The ones I remember have been about weddings, conferences, and summer camp. Everyone beware: if I’ve met you before, there’s a good chance you at least had a cameo in one of my dreams. My gums are also bleeding, so it’s definitely time for that dentist appointment.

Movement: You’re supposed to be able to feel some movement between 16 and 22 weeks, so I have been trying to see if I can feel something. So far, nothing I can definitely say is from the baby.

Baby’s sex: Managed to get through another doctor’s appointment without finding out!

Highlight of the week: Hard to pick just one…last weekend’s anniversary trip was awesome, but so was hearing the heartbeat again and getting a good check-up!

What I’m reading: I got rid of “What I miss” this week because I think it’s kind of lame, but maybe I’ll bring it back later. So far the pregnancy/parenting things I’ve read include:

  • Expecting Better by Emily Oster – really enjoyed this one. Super interesting.
  • Up to about the 17th week of What to Expect When You’re Expecting – classic. Kind of enjoy the overabundance of information that will never apply to me.
  • About halfway through Pregnancy Sucks by Joanne Kimes – I liked this at first and found it funny, but now I’m mostly kind of sick of her complaining (which I realize is the point of the book)
  • Amalah – I’ve read this one for a while. It’s one woman’s blog about raising her three boys outside DC. I just love it.
  • Mommyish – This website/blog makes me chuckle. The STFU, Parents blogger has a column here too.
  • Alphamom – Great stuff in the archives, and I enjoy Amalah’s Ask Amy column.
  • Pregnant Chicken – This isn’t really updated much anymore, but the archives are enjoyable and the Facebook page is good.