Seventeen Weeks

Seventeen Weeks Pregnant!
Seventeen Weeks Pregnant!

How far along: 17 weeks. The belly feels like it really popped out this week!

Baby’s size: About 5 inches (crown to rump, which is how they measure the Baby Bear) and weighs about 5oz. That’s approximately the size and weight of an iPhone 4S. Weird.

Weight gain: Uh… +1? I think we’ve pretty much decided our bathroom scale sucks.

Sleep: Yes please. I’ve been pretty sleepy this week, but for some reason I haven’t been feeling that sudden crash at 9pm like I used to.

Clothes: Things are definitely feeling tighter these days. My belly is still pretty small for maternity clothes, but man are they comfortable.

Cravings: FEED ME. I am just hungry all the time!

Food aversions: None? I haven’t really tried to make myself a salad, but I don’t feel as grossed out by the thought of it anymore.

Symptoms: I feel pretty good! I have some random heartburn every once in a while and I am a bit congested, but other than that I’m just rockin’ and rollin’.

Movement: Still can’t feel any movement, but hopefully soon!

Baby’s sex: Sometimes I feel like it’s going to be a boy, and other times I’m thinking it’s a girl. We shall see!

Highlight of the week: I had a lot of fun working on a baby registry this week. I know it’s still early, but I definitely started getting excited about all the cute stuff!


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