Eighteen Weeks

Eighteen Weeks
Eighteen Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 18 weeks, or four and a half months.

Baby’s size: The size of a sweet potato, but if you’ve actually seen sweet potatoes, you know how much that varies–in this case, we’re talking 5.5 inches long and 6.7 oz.

Weight gain: No clue. +2? We’ll find out for sure at my next appointment in two weeks.

Sleep: Here’s a new thing: once a night, I’ll get up and have a really tough time getting back to sleep. I just can’t seem to find a comfortable position, which isn’t usually a problem when I first fall asleep. Not sure what that’s all about.

Clothes: If I had known maternity clothes were so comfortable and the tops are actually long enough, I would have started wearing this stuff way earlier!

Cravings: I’ve been allowing myself to eat some junkier food since my low weight gain at my last appointment, so that’s been fun. And delicious. This isn’t really a craving, but I need so much more protein these days that I haven’t really been sticking to my vegetarian diet. I would still say that I eat meat rarely, but I’m not beating myself up over eating a burger or chicken every once in a while. And definitely not feeling bad about eating fish, since it’s so good for the baby.

Food aversions: None

Symptoms: Let’s talk about the good things about being pregnant: my skin is great and my hair doesn’t get greasy in between shampooing. Perks!

Movement: Still haven’t felt anything.

Baby’s sex: The suspense grows!

Highlight of the week: This was a little bit of a rough week, but last weekend I got to hang out with Allan’s cousin Emily and pepper her with some of my baby questions. It was really fun and I feel a lot more confident that Allan and I can handle this and be great parents.

What I’m reading: Well, now that I finished Helter Skelter, I picked up some parenting-type books from the library. I got From Here to Maternity, which is terrible. The author is intolerably vapid and not funny.


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