20 Weeks, or Five Months Pregnant!

20 Weeks Pregnant
20 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: We’re halfway there!! Baby Bear has been cooking for twenty weeks, six days. I’ve been pregnant for five whole months (even though I’ve only known for about 3).

Baby’s size: Butternut squash size. Or as long as a banana? This stuff is weird. The point is, s/he weighs 13 oz and is measuring totally normal and healthy.

Weight gain: Up NINE POUNDS from last month, for a total of +10. How in the world?? I am mostly just shocked because I’ve never gained that much weight in such a short time in my life. Totally unconcerned otherwise, so bring on the delicious food! Baby’s hungry.

Sleep: Sleep. Sleep is good. I still normally get up at least once during the night to go to the bathroom, but mostly I sleep like a rock for a solid 8 hours.

Clothes: I made a Target run this week to take advantage of a 25% off coupon (if you don’t have the Cartwheel app, get it) and it was awesome. I got a couple of pairs of maternity leggings and four shirts (two tunics and two comfy long-sleeves).

Cravings: I’ve decided this is the absolute best time to be pregnant. Halloween candy, followed by Thanksgiving goodness, then Christmas cookies/bark/omnomnom. Yessss. I’ll take two of everything.

Food aversions: None. Didn’t you see I gained 9lbs? 

Symptoms: My gums are bleeding like I got punched in the mouth every time I floss, but I’m sticking to the good oral hygiene thing if it kills me! My back has started hurting by the end of the day, so I’m trying to make sure I get up and move around often.

Movement: I don’t feel movement every night (which we found out is probably because the placenta is in front), but every once in a while I feel a kick or two. What was crazy was the night after I was sure I felt kicking for the first time, Baby Bear was kicking away at my right side and Allan was able to put his hand there and feel it. That was really cool.

Baby Bear
Baby Bear at 20 weeks

Baby’s sex: The doctor’s visit this week was the first time we could have found out, but we made it through another appointment blissfully unaware! Baby’s heart rate started at around 132, went up to 136 with all the sonogram scanning, and was above 140 (with a lot of moving around in there) by the time my midwife checked me. The old wives’ tale says under 140 is a boy, so I started out thinking that was a good guess and now I just have no clue. The sonogram tech said Baby Bear is just super chill.

Highlight of the week: Getting the all clear from the anatomy scan at the doctor’s! Huge relief to know that s/he is healthy and right on track.

What I miss: I actually have one this week: sleeping on my stomach. I miss you, best sleeping position ever. It’s just not as comfy without you.


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