Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Six Months Pregnant

24 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 24 weeks = six months pregnant!

Baby’s size: The size of a footlong sub. Mmm, delicious. Also weird this week: the baby is most likely viable outside the womb, so s/he would be able to survive if I went into labor now.

Weight gain: The belly continues to grow! We’ll find out what the damage is at my appointment next week.

Sleep: Doing good, just still pretty sleepy all the time. I’m looking forward to sleeping a bunch over the four day weekend!

Clothes: Since there’s not much change in my clothing from last week, let me take a second to share what I’ve learned about baby clothes. According to the manufacturers, clothes for boys = both pastels and bright colors (basically everything but pink and purple), sports, trucks/cars/motorcycles, boats/sailing, robots, bears, monkeys, lions, tigers, foxes, but basically any animal + blue, “little man,” “troublemaker,” “heartbreaker,” “ladykiller,” and other references to sexuality (EW), “rebel,” and “rockstar.”

Girl clothes = almost EXCLUSIVELY pink, purple, yellow, and some combination of ruffles and/or bows. Cupcakes, polka dots, animal print (zebra or cheetah), flowers, hearts, butterflies, and kitties are also exclusively “girl” things. Often the animals even have bows on them to signify their gender. “Sweet/sweetie,” “diva,” “princess,” “adorable,” and I had to stop there because I was throwing up in my mouth. I will seriously pay you money if you can find one piece of “girl” baby clothing without any of these things on them.

WHAT THE HECK, PEOPLE. Could it be any clearer what is expected of boys vs. girls? The level of gender stereotypes and signifiers that we are plastering BABIES with is really freaking weird and creepy. 

Cravings: Bring on those delicious Thanksgiving sides!

Food aversions: None

Symptoms: The sciatica has been way better ever since I started doing daily stretching/yoga poses. Thank goodness for that. The constant pain was pretty awful. I have heartburn on the regular, but it’s not too bad. The fact that my discomfort/symptoms have been pretty minimal is making me think that Baby Bear is a boy. I don’t know if that’s a real thing, but I heard being pregnant with girls is generally rougher.

Movement: Baby Bear is kicking away! Now I feel it at night and around 10am. It’s a lot stronger than it used to be, and Allan’s gotten to feel it recently too.

Baby’s sex: Weirdly gendered baby clothes make me glad we’re waiting to find out, but I still can’t help but speculate. This week I’m leaning toward boy!

Highlight of the week: Getting the nursery painted!! Check out the final product:

click to enlarge

If you’re having trouble telling from the picture, it’s light green on wood paneling. The room looks SO much lighter and bigger than it used to. Also featured: Didi, my pink music box monkey from when I was a baby, the rocking chair Allan’s mom used when he and his brother were babies, and our consignment sale “travel system” score.


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