Twenty-five Weeks

25 Weeks Pregnant
25 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 25 weeks, which means only (approximately) 15 weeks left to go! Crazy.

Baby’s size: Baby Bear weighs about 1.5 lbs and is approx. 13.5 inches long. The food comparison this week? A head of cauliflower. What?

Weight gain: I went to the doctor’s office for another checkup this week, where they informed me that I had gained 12 lbs since the last visit, making my total +22. This is apparently bad. My midwife launched into a lecture where she cautioned me to slow down on the weight gain, exercise more (even though I told her I’ve been walking daily and doing weekly prenatal yoga) and gave me some “helpful” tips to avoid overindulging over the holidays. (ex. “Tell yourself, ‘eh, maybe I shouldn’t have another handful.'” Are you kidding me??)

WHAT THE WHAT. I just could not believe my ears. Not only am I pretty sure that I am not getting fat, just you know, growing another human, I have never been told that I’m gaining too much weight in my life. I’ve always been on the low end of the “healthy” range. She did admit by the end of her spiel that she wasn’t sure where I was putting all of that weight (oh, I don’t know, BELLY AND BOOBS? Where it’s supposed to go?!) and I was definitely starting to question whether she was using her brain here or just spouting off nonsense that the entire industry buys into without a whole lot of fact or reason behind it. I don’t see any reason at all to lecture a pregnant woman whose body is already changing faster than she can keep up with about her weight, especially if the baby is growing just fine. Whether she can take the weight off post-baby is a question SHE can deal with once the baby arrives.

Sleep: Still pretty tired this week! Doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get, but of course more is always better. The baby is especially active at night, and sometimes I’ll have weird pains (Braxton Hicks contractions? Discomfort due to my position?) but they go away pretty quickly and then I fall right back asleep.

Clothes: Blerg, clothes. Can’t make pre-pregnancy work pants or jeans work with the belly band anymore. Even with the zipper all the way down, the pressure from the part that doesn’t open is too uncomfortable when I’m sitting down. Leggings and stretchy things are where it’s at.

Cravings: Still just sweet things, but luckily that includes fruit so I’m pretty happy with an orange, banana, or some pineapple.

Food aversions: None

Symptoms: I feel so super lucky that I’m not having that awful sciatic nerve pain anymore. I guess the baby just moved off it? My belly has been feeling super big this week, like stretching tight. Plus, when I sit up my belly gets pointy, so I’m pretty sure my abs have separated. That’s a bit uncomfortable.

Also, I seem to have become a furnace. I am just always hot & sweaty! It’s really attractive.

Movement: Baby Bear is super active! I feel all kinds of movement, and sometimes you can actually see it. Weird.

Baby’s sex: Allan had a momentary lapse and started to think it was a girl when the baby’s heart rate got up to the 160s at the doctor’s this week! I think that the heartbeat thing is total junk and I’m still feeling like Baby Bear is probably a boy. Anything could happen, though!

Highlight of the week: Basically, embracing the Christmas season! I broke out the Christmas playlist, made some puppy chow (admittedly a bit of a disaster, but it was still a hit with my co-workers), and cut some snowflakes for the windows. Love this time of year.

Excellent things on the Internet this week:


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