Twenty-six Weeks

26 Weeks (except super late!)
26 Weeks (except super late!)

How far along: 26 weeks pregnant, or six and a half months. Getting bigger and bigger by the day!

Baby’s size: Baby Bear weighs about 2 lbs by now, and is being compared to a head of lettuce. All five senses are fully developed (!) and s/he is taking breaths (of amniotic fluid). Another random fact for you: Baby Bear now has eyelashes. Yeah.

Weight gain: Do. Not. Care. I’m so over this whole weight obsession thing. My friend Kristin told me about pregorexia, which really freaks me out but makes so much sense now that I see how much everyone talks about it when they think you’re gaining “too much” weight. I am going to keep eating healthy and exercising, and my body can do whatever it needs to in order to grow a healthy baby.

Sleep: Itty and Allan are apparently not on board with letting me get a full night’s sleep, which makes me cranky. Itty comes and “checks on me” somewhere between 5 and 6am, which entails her sniffing my ear and tickling my face with her whiskers. If she’s feeling especially loving, she’ll make sure to step on my hair too. Try sleeping through that!

Clothes: Finally caved and got myself a bra that fits, even though it’s a crappy cheap Target bra. It’ll do until I have to get an actual nursing bra in another couple of months. I also treated myself to a couple of pairs of colorful skinny pants, since the majority of the maternity clothes I own are black, gray, or white/cream. That does seem to happen with winter clothes in general, but I get sick of feeling so drab and gross, especially when I’m feeling huge.

Cravings: Nothing in particular, but you know I could go for a brownie right about now.

Food aversions: None.

Symptoms: Unfortunately, the sciatica has come back a bit, but nowhere close to as bad as it was. My back is usually hurting, and I am over all this freaking heartburn. I can’t figure out a pattern to know what foods to avoid, because it is basically constant. Also, pregnancy brain is a real thing. FYI.

Movement: I love this from Alphamom’s pregnancy calendar: “Remember those early bubbly butterfly kicks? Yeah. Those have been replaced by something akin to a rabid mongoose flippin’ out inside a burlap sack.” And forget about that fairly reliable schedule they used to be on. In a meeting? It’s party time.

Baby’s sex: Really interesting development this week: I remain pretty convinced that it’s a boy, and Allan has admitted that he has actually always believed it was a girl! He’s even referring to Baby Bear as “she.”

Highlight of the week: Going to our first Bradley Method birthing class!

What I read this week: 10 Reasons Being Pregnant Over the Holidays Rocks Even Though You Can’t Get Crunk.


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