Twenty-seven Weeks

27 Weeks Pregnant
27 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 27 weeks, which is the final week of the second trimester. Whoa.

Baby’s size: Fifteen inches long and approximately slightly more than 2lbs. Apparently that is rutabaga size. A very large one, as far as I can tell from that Wikipedia page. Eat your rutabagas, kids.

Weight gain: Oh, I’m gaining weight. No need to worry about that one.

Sleep: If I stop drinking so many fluids a few hours before I go to bed, I can make it through the night with only one or two trips to the bathroom. Score. The bad part is it seems to be taking me longer to get comfortable and fall back asleep afterwards.

I have had a couple of crazy dreams, including giving Amy Poehler an annual review (there were some areas for improvement) and going to a big group get-together where I discovered that two of my friends were pregnant too! It was awesome and we took pictures of the three of us with our bellies.

Clothes: I still wear them.

Cravings: I was majorly craving a chocolate croissant this week, which I finally got at Panera and it was just as awesome as I had dreamed it would be. Don’t forget to stick your baked goods in the microwave for 12 seconds to take it to the next level.

Food aversions: None. I even had a big ol’ salad at lunch Monday! Making sure to eat all kinds of delicious fruits and veggies, plus plenty of protein per the Brewer recommendations from our Bradley Method birthing class. Basically what they emphasize is making sure you have a minimum of 75 grams of protein a day, which is surprisingly easy to do especially now that I’m eating some meat.

Symptoms: Ugh. My back is killing me, I have heartburn, but what else is new?

Movement: Got a kick in the ribs this week, which was shockingly painful. Baby Bear is totally flipping out in there, so much so that I can lie on my back and watch my belly distort like s/he is trying to bust out Alien-style.

Baby’s sex: I got some votes for girl this week, due to the way I’m carrying. We shall see! Super frustrated that I haven’t had any more dreams about the baby to help sway me one way or the other.

Highlight of the week: Finishing Christmas shopping and other holiday prep! I love this time of year.


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