Twenty-nine Weeks Pregnant

29 Weeks Pregnant
29 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 29 weeks, which is firmly in the third trimester and also scarily close to 30 which means there’s only like 10 weeks left omgaaahhh

Baby’s size: I forgot to post my favorite graphic of all of the pregnancy calendars last week, but this week Baby Bear is basically about the size of a fat chihuahua (15.5″ long and weighing in at about 3lbs).

Weight gain: I was expecting to have gone to the doctor by now to get that lecture about my weight because I know it’s been more than a pound a week. But alas, thanks to the one person who can give me the glucose drink (?!) coming in late that day, my appointment was moved to Tuesday.

Sleep: It really is unfair that in the last bit before the baby comes, sleep becomes more elusive. It takes me forever to get comfortable and fall back asleep after getting up, and since there are more of those bathroom trips, that means more time spent either almost awake or trying to fall asleep again. So if my night owl of a husband decides to come to bed after me, there’s a good chance he will hit one of those not-quite-asleep times. Greaaaat.

Clothes: Well, a new milestone has been reached: I don’t fit into a good deal of my sleep shirts. You know, the ones that used to be comfortably baggy. That’s fun. 

Cravings: OK, I guess it’s finally time for me to admit that I have had more cravings for burgers during this pregnancy than ever before in my life. I came home suuuuper starving tonight and convinced no-dinner-plans-Allan to go to Five Guys with me, but at least I ate a spinach salad afterward! That sorta cancels it out, right?

Food aversions: Still none. I have confirmed that tomato (sauce, soup, etc) gives me heartburn so I try to avoid that, but basically everything else I ate before pregnancy is good to go.

Symptoms: Have I mentioned that my back hurts a lot? I have? Oh well then. Basically still that, with more bumping into stuff and being tired all the time.

Movement: I remain convinced that this baby is trying to come out through the skin. S/he is crazy active in there, but I only feel it on my right side–I guess because the placenta is absorbing everything on my left? Hey placenta, if you could move over slightly to cushion my ribs against those painful jabs, that would be awesome. Thanks.

Baby’s sex: You know, the jury is still out. A guy in the Charlotte DSW said, “Ma’am? Are you having a girl?” to me over break, so I guess that’s one vote from a stranger for girl. If that counts.

Highlight of the week: New Year’s Eve, baby! Wherein Allan and I went to dinner at the same place we went last year and then he went to party with his friends and I watched a movie and passed out before midnight. Woooooo!!!

What I miss: OK we’re back to this one, because I am still really missing being able to sleep on my stomach and now I miss being able to put on socks without grunting like a water buffalo.


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