Thirty-one Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks Pregnant
31 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 31 weeks, which is almost 8 months pregnant!

Baby’s size: Enormous. Apparently the baby could already weigh 5 lbs and measure 17 inches from head to toe, with a full head of hair! My belly is so big that I am spilling things all over myself and running into stuff I can’t see by my feet. Nobody tells you about all the bruises on your legs from becoming a huge klutz when you’re this pregnant.

Weight gain: Who knows. My appetite isn’t quite as strong as it was a few weeks ago, but I’ve been craving worse food, so it could go either way.

Sleep: Ugh, pregnancy insomnia is the WORST. Not only is the baby most active when I’m trying to sleep, even when it quiets down I just lie there getting more and more frustrated. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen every night and I can pass out most nights.

Clothes: I got a pretty blue maxi dress for my baby shower this weekend, and I am really stoked about it. I kind of want to be wearing it right now. And maybe sleeping in it. 

Cravings: BBQ and burgers. Too bad I’m not pregnant during grilling weather!

Food aversions: None.

Symptoms: I’ve gotten a couple of nosebleeds this week, including one that almost kept me from going to yoga last Saturday. I don’t think I have a cold anymore, but I am immediately congested when I lie down for bed, so I drool [more than normal, let’s not act like that’s a brand new thing -edit from Allan] and snore now. It’s really sexy.

More fun times include getting out of breath from just talking, having to pee every 30 minutes, and my hands and feet getting all swollen, especially at night.

Movement: I can’t believe how much Baby Bear is moving these days. I can see lumps from who knows what body part sticking out of my belly, and I feel the 4am jam sessions and all-day gymnastics going on. My midwife told me I should be feeling ten movements a day, and I assured her that we were well beyond that number.

I think the baby was diagonal for a lot of this week, with one end wedged against my ribs on the right side and the other sitting on my left hip. A couple of nights, I felt this weird twisting corkscrew sensation in both of those spots. I tried an inversion from and that seemed to help give Baby Bear a little more room.

Baby’s sex: Growing increasingly frustrated that we truly don’t have any inclination about the sex. I am so jealous of those moms who at least had a feeling one way or the other!

Highlight of the week: Honestly, this week has been kind of a rough one, but here are two things I found on the internets that I love:

Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd starring in a rom-com directed by David Wain of Wet Hot American Summer. Can he see my dreams?! I can’t believe this is real.

Drew Barrymore talking to Ellen about her pregnancy


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