Thirty-three Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant
33 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 33 weeks. That seems like a really long time. What other part of your life do you count in weeks like this?

Baby’s size: Baby Bear is gaining about a half a pound a week and could have grown an inch since last week, which would make him/her maybe 4.5 lbs and 18″ long?

Weight gain: Enough!

Sleep: Still pretty much tired all the time. Naps are my friend, when I can take them.

Clothes: No change here. Just hoping my few outfits last the final weeks!

Cravings: Still find myself wanting BBQ more than I ever have before now that I’m pregnant, but I still don’t want it all the time. The rest of it is as usual: cookies and milk, ice cream, etc. 

Food aversions: None.

Symptoms: This heartburn is no joke. And it still makes me sad to see how swollen my hands and feet get.

Movement: It’s only toward the end of this week that the constant movement I had been feeling has started to slow down a bit. I still feel the baby settle in around my ribs or on my bladder and try to press on the sides of my belly to move it. I also feel pointy jabs every once in a while, and sometimes my belly is really lumpy instead of round! I’m pretty sure that the baby is hanging out head down, with his/her back on the right, but we should know more after the appointment Monday morning.

Baby’s sex: Place your bets now!

Highlight of the week: The highlight of the week is also the lowlight of the week: I got stuck in traffic outside Atlanta for 10+ hours this week. The two inches of snow and then ice made what what supposed to be a day trip for some meetings in our Gainesville, GA office into an epic saga for me and my co-worker. Full Media’s CEO posted about us on Facebook and luckily someone who lived off the exit where we were responded and opened up their home to us.

They were so great–they had food waiting for us when we got in at midnight, and even had maternity clothes for me to borrow because they had a nine month old baby. As far as being stranded goes, it definitely could have been way worse. It felt almost like a vacation! The lengths they went to to help us out and make us comfortable were just extraordinary.

What I miss: I really miss lying on my stomach. This week, I forgot about the belly when I first woke up a couple of times and just really wanted to cocoon up like I used to.


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