Nine Months Pregnant

36 Weeks Pregnant
36 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: Thirty-six weeks, also known as nine months pregnant. Seems weird to say 9 months (because that’s how long a pregnancy is supposed to last, right?) but Baby Bear won’t technically be full term until next week and my due date isn’t until March 15. Four weeks to go, and I have officially crossed the line into “ready to not be pregnant anymore.” Over. It.

Baby’s size: Enormous. The fruit this week is a honeydew. A honeydew! That maybe weighs SIX POUNDS! Inside your body! Stretching your skin to unimaginable dimensions! Gaaaahhh! My belly is big enough that basically everyone stares at me and I have given up pretending that I don’t waddle everywhere.

Weight gain: So much. While I officially weigh more than my husband now, a neighbor expressed surprise that I was even pregnant (I assume because he thought I was so small) and asked, “Your doctors are okay with your weight and everything?” Wow. That really happened. 

Sleep: Well, considering it takes me forever to get comfortable enough to fall asleep even when the baby doesn’t have hiccups that I just have to wait out for an hour, my sleep is pretty severely compromised these days. I wish we had mandatory naps.

Clothes: Nothing fits and I hate maternity clothes. Did I mention how over being pregnant I am? Can’t wait to wear regular-people clothes again.

Cravings: Oreos and milk is basically the best thing ever.

Food aversions:  Still none.


Parks and Recreation gif

Movement: Lots and lots of hiccups these days from Baby Bear. I also feel this weird twisting sometimes, plus the normal kicks and hand movements.

Baby’s sex: I’m back to thinking it’s a boy!

Highlight of the week: Lots of fun stuff this week–I’ve been enjoying watching the winter Olympics, seeing the baby’s room come together, and make sure the hospital bag is packed!

What I miss: Eating food without getting heartburn.


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