Thirty-seven Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant
37 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 37 weeks, which means Baby Bear is full term! Crazy news from my appointment on Monday: I’m already 80% effaced!

Baby’s size: You know, still packing on the baby weight/adorable chub. Approximately 6.5 lbs and 20 inches long, which could be as long as Baby Bear is when s/he is born. The belly is measuring right on track!

Weight gain: Seems to have slowed. Nobody is mentioning it at my appointments anymore, which I take to mean that I’m doing fine. I only got a glimpse at the scale, but I think I was +2 from two weeks ago.

Sleep: Well, I am enormous and incredibly uncomfortable, so sleep isn’t going super great. I toss and turn, snore, and get up for bathroom breaks nonstop. It’s not ideal.

Clothes: Did I mention nothing fits? Because nothing fits. Even my previously super-long maternity shirts are dangerously close to showing underbelly and I can’t fit my poor, swollen feet into shoes. Coworkers: sorry for the totally-not-professional sneakers.

Cravings: Meh, nothing in particular, although I am still scarfing down Oreos (dunked in milk, preferably).

Food aversions: None.

Symptoms: Cankles and swollen feet, aching back 24/7, killer heartburn…I’m starting to think things getting progressively worse later in pregnancy is on purpose so you have additional motivation to get the baby out into the world.

Movement: Still feeling hiccups pretty regularly, especially when I first lie down to go to sleep. The movements are smaller but can be way more uncomfortable, especially the part that keeps sticking out on my right side. Heels? Butt? Whatever it is, it’s lumpy and not fun. It’s harder to push or rub on body parts to relieve the pain, too, because Baby Bear doesn’t really have anywhere to go.

Baby’s sex: More strangers have guessed that it’s a girl since last post! And you know strangers are always right.


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