Thirty-eight Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks Pregnant
38 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: Thirty-eight weeks pregnant, aka nine and a half months. Two weeks until my due date!

Baby’s size: At this point, the fruit/vegetable comparison is a PUMPKIN. Baby Bear is most likely well over six pounds and 19 inches long, but they don’t get more specific than that because it depends on how big your bebe is.

Weight gain: Who knows. I feel like a whale.

Sleep: Still sooo sleepy. I basically can’t get enough sleep these days. I’m usually fine during the day, especially with some coffee, but dang I get tired. 

Clothes: Making it work!

Cravings: Nothing special.

Food aversions: Still none.

Symptoms: Holy crap, BLEEDING. I have some kind of blood vessel on my gum that bleeds profusely at the slightest irritation, including eating and most definitely brushing. And by profusely I mean that I spend more time trying to get the bleeding to stop than I do brushing my teeth. It’s a nightmare, and it turns my bathroom into a crime scene. Super gross.

Movement: Same deal as last week, with the lump that sticks out of my right side. It’s pretty clear now that Baby Bear’s head is down and back is along my right side, not left. Sometimes my belly gets completely asymmetrical with all the lumps/body weight on the right side. Plus, I can feel the hiccups or little hand movements down in my pelvis.

Baby’s sex: My mother-in-law and mother think that it’s a boy, but pretty much everyone is split!

Highlight of the week: My fantastic co-workers threw me a baby shower this week, including the majority of the group from the GA and SC offices! It was so wonderful having everyone in Chattanooga, having lunch and playing games. They were so generous, it was absolutely overwhelming (in the best way).

What I miss: Being able to move around, especially get in and out of bed, without feeling like a beached whale.


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