Forty-one Weeks Pregnant

41 Weeks Pregnant
41 Weeks Pregnant

Holy cow. Forty-one weeks, one day pregnant. I really did not think I was going to be here, even though I know that most first babies are late.

At my last doctor’s appointment, I got hooked up to a couple of monitors for 20 minutes to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and check to see if I was having contractions.


It was pretty comfy in that giant recliner (with complimentary lap blanket) and the baby did great. This is part one of the increased testing that someone past their due date is in for, and the next step is an ultrasound on Tuesday to check my amniotic fluid levels. 

The thing I am most scared of is the longer this baby decides to chill out in there, the greater my chance of intervention like being induced with Pitocin. I’m worried about the interventions snowballing and ending up with a C-section, which is a fine way to have a baby, but just not the way I’d prefer it to go down. I really want to be able to at least have a chance to let my body do what it’s supposed to do when it’s ready. Standard disclaimer: of course, at the end of the day, as long as the baby and I are both healthy, that’s all that matters.

How I’m Doing Physically: I’m doing okay, especially since I’ve been off work this week. I’ve been going to bed at the same time I always have, but waking up about three hours later and sometimes taking a nap on top of it. It’s pretty awesome, because I don’t feel so exhausted all the time. My feet have also stopped being so swollen 24/7 and when my back aches, I can prop it up with lots of pillows.

I spend at least 10 minutes a day on the exercise ball, which feels nice since the baby is all the way down on my hips these days. When I’m feeling up to it, I take long walks and even something a little more strenuous at Greenway Park on occasion.

A few nights this week, I’ve woken up to my whole belly hurting. Sometimes there are clear ebbs and flows like contractions, and sometimes it just hurts until I get up or change positions. I had a couple of contractions this morning, too, but mostly it seems to happen at night.

How I’m Doing Mentally/Emotionally: This is where it’s gotten really rough for me. I’ve basically spent an entire month on the edge of my seat, thinking the baby could come at any time. I go to bed hopeful that this could be the night and wake up disappointed, and that feeling only intensifies every day that goes by without any action.

I’m just frustrated–I know all of our family and friends are just as eager for the baby to come as we are. I’d love for my parents to have time with him/her before they have to go back to Charlotte, and it’s about to get complicated with Allan’s schedule too. I also just can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore.


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