Alexandra’s Birth Story

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Alexandra’s birth story starts with a whole lot of waiting around as Allan, my parents (plus friends and family on Facebook) and I watched the days past my due date pass by. I was going to bed hopeful that each night would be the night contractions would start, and waking up disappointed every morning that nothing had changed. I was trying to do whatever I could to think about other happy things until Baby Bear decided to make an appearance, including a delightful pedicure date with my mom.

Thursday’s Doctor’s Appointment

As I mentioned in my 41 Weeks Pregnant post, I was supposed to go in to have an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels on Tuesday, but the tech was out sick so my appointment was rescheduled to Thursday, March 27. I was relieved to have the two extra days for labor to start on its own, but womp womp, I was still pregnant–12 days past my due date–when I went in that morning. Continue reading


Welcome to the World, Alexandra!

Baby Bear is a mystery no more…it’s a girl! Alexandra Zick Lutes was born Friday, March 28, at 7:20am. She weighed in at eight pounds, six ounces and measured 20 3/4″ long. Everyone is doing well, and she especially loves her dad and grandparents showering her with love.

holding hands with papa