January’s Ridiculous Prize Goes to…Wedding Media

Wedding media (also called “bridal,” because you know it’s geared toward women) is a particular niche of media, both digital and print,¬†that I’ve gotten a large dose of lately. Out of all the things out there that could have crossed the line (a silver bubble wand from Barneys as a bridesmaid favor! A “budget” post with a sentence that starts with “If your heart is set on serving caviar,”!) the one that did it for me was an ad that came on Pandora. I can’t remember which jewelry company it was for, but it ended with the phrase, “Because you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your engagement ring.”

It’s hard for me to put into words the way that makes me feel, but it is some combination of blind rage, sadness at the state of our culture, and insane laughter at how ridiculous that is. But this is where it all starts: marketing aimed toward women and girls before they even get engaged that makes no bones about telling them that they should have everything they ever wanted, cost be damned. That kind of message carries on throughout all wedding media, whether it’s directly from a company trying to sell you a ring/dress/venue/cake or not.

For the record: YOU MAY HAVE TO COMPROMISE. ON A LOT OF THINGS. When you’re planning¬†a wedding, but also just in your relationship in general. That’s life, ladies.

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